Film Director

The emotion and sweetness of daily life emanate from the Gosoï Collection.

Award winner at both the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, praised for his films “The Scent of Green Papaya” (Camera d’Or in Cannes, Cesar for Best First Film, an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film), “Cyclo” (Golden Lion in Venice), “The Vertical Ray of the Sun”, “I Come With The Rain”, “Norwegian Wood” and “Eternity”, Hung invites us to discover Yên Khê’s world through a genuine immersion into a dreamlike existence where slow movement produces sweet poetry.


Brand development

Founder of Lightboard-Paris, advisory agency specialising in design and exceptional know-how, Bénédicte Colpin assists companies, investors and creators with their image and development strategy, speeds up the strategic and operational organisation procedures linked to their ambitions, develops their network and ensures their visibility on the market.
Based in Paris, her missions today contribute towards the development of projects and brands in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and France.
Lightboard-Paris assists the YENKHE brand in its positioning and visibility on an international level.


Composer and lyricist

Ho Quang Hung knew how to give each film portraying the Gosoï Collection its own special sonorous identity that invites us to enter a dream world.

Charismatic leader of the Little Wings band, Hung is an emblematic musician of the Vietnamese rock scene buzzing with energy. Atypical character, guitarist, singer and composer, Hung produces rock that is powerful, incisive, sharp and structured.



Japanese architect living in Saigon since 2011, Shunri Nishizawa, who collaborated with Tadao Ando, reinvents the richness of Tropical Architecture and the Asian art of living where nature and architecture merge and blend within free and luminous spaces.

He has realized numerous projects in Vietnam, amongst which are Binh Thanh House and Thong House, both in Ho-Chi-Minh City where the films of the Gosoï Collection were shot.

HK Film

Film shooting material and Post-Production

Based in Ho-Chi-Minh City, partner in the production of the images for Yên Khê’s first collection, HK Film is the largest company dealing in production, material rental and post-production in Vietnam.

Committed to promoting the independent cinema as well as producing numerous commercial films, the management and some of the employees have maintained a close working relationship of long standing with Tran Anh Hung, in excess of twenty years.

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