Identifying what is right and sensitive

in order to produce a particular sensation

Yên Khê studied interior architecture and design at the Ecole Camondo in Paris concurrently with acting in Tran Anh Hung’s first two films. But her acting career never made her lose sight of her initial vocation since she took care of the film sets and costumes and was artistic director for several films made by the same film director.

In 2010, Haruki Murakami suggested to Yên Khê that she should return to design after having seen the film “Norwegian Wood” in which she had been responsible for creating the film sets and costumes. The Japanese writer was moved by the materialisation, through the film sets and furnishings as designed by Yên Khê, of the imaginary aspect of his novel, “Norwegian Wood”, of which the film was an adaptation.

Therefore, the idea of creating her own collection of furniture pursued its course and in 2018 Gosoï became the first manifestation of its expression.

From simplicity, beauty and elegance are born

Gosoï, which means oak wood in Vietnamese, is a set of furniture consisting of a table, a chair, a bench and a stool whose architecture in oblique outlines creates dynamic tension. The sharp and tapered forms of the pieces give the furniture a certain elegance and a light, floating sensation.

Gosoï pays homage to the French spirit of the 1950s, Pierre Paulin, Pierre Guariche or Jean Prouvé whom Yên Khê particularly admires, for its measured and precise style as well as the idea that the beauty of an object lies above all in its structure and practicality.

French solid oak, radiant and sensual to the touch, represents for Yên Khê a guarantee of perenniality which allows the furniture to become more beautiful with the passage of time, making it possible to be handed down from one generation to another thus acquiring in it a memento of sentimental value.
The use of folded metal as a vital part of the structure adds to one’s appreciation of the colour as well as ensuring solidity in the collection.

Made in Vietnam by the AA Corporation, a company recognised for its collaboration with renowned architects and deluxe brands throughout South-East Asia, this collection is the fruit of a collaboration between Vietnamese know-how and French creation.

AA Corporation

Partner and manufacturer of the first collection to be launched by Yên Khê, the AA Corporation is one of the jewels of the furniture industry in Vietnam and in Asia.

The company, created by Nguyen Quoc Khanh in 1993, quickly established itself on the interior design market and as a manufacturer of top of the range furniture.

Developing its activity in more than thirty countries, AA Corporation is recognised for its collaborations with renowned architects, working on fitting out hotels, restaurants, resorts and luxury stores.

Based in Long An, near Ho-Chi-Minh City, the company reaffirms its engagement in creativity and quality in collaboration with Yên Khê.

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